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You would like to treat yourself to the exceptional care of COCOCHOCO Brazilian Keratin, but you do not know which range is ideal for you? Then sit back, put your feet up and read our clear guide, which will quickly reveal which keratin is right for your beloved hair.

You can quickly and easily find Brazilian keratin exactly right for you. A favourite with which you will get straightened, well-nourished and glossy hair. And immediately! Each of you can benefit from Brazilian Keratin treatment. Nothing stands in the way of beautiful hair, so feel free to choose.

Beautiful hair to that will be your crowning glory

COCOCHOCO Brazilian keratin hair straightening is an innovative process using luxury, all-natural products free from formaldehyde, sulfates and parabens. The keratin contained provides perfect hair straightening, deep regeneration, hair nourishment and keratin replenishment itself.

The hair will be straightened without changing the hair structure. And you will enjoy healthy-looking, straight, glossy and soft hair with which you will shine. COCOCHOCO premium hair products will give you exactly this.

Keratin care that you will love

You will find something for you here as a blonde, a brunette or if you have curly, unruly, damaged or dyed hair. Start introducing our three premium ranges of COCOCHOCO Brazilian Keratin to help you on your way to the hair of your dreams. Each range is specific in its composition and effects and is intended for a different type of hair. Come and find out if the Original, Pure or Gold range is ideal for you.

COCOCHOCO Original Brazilian Keratin
for fans of perfectly straight hair

Our best-selling range.

A bestseller that will bring you the strongest hair-straightening effect. A great choice for all hair types, especially if you suffer from damaged lifeless hair or if you are a brunette, whether with naturally brown or dyed hair.

COCOCHOCO Original Brazilian Keratin perfectly straightens, regenerates and nourishes your hair. The unique formula with keratin protein, cocoa extract, natural substances and precious oils prevents hair breakage, unifies its structure and gives it the best to make you feel fantastic. Like a goddess whose pride is perfectly straight hair.

Ideal for all hair types

The clear choice for all hair types. This range will help you achieve perfectly straight hair, and with it you will enjoy a unique straightening effect.

Although this range will be especially appreciated by brunettes, it is suitable for all. If you desire beautiful straight hair, you will be delighted.

If your hair is mildly to severely damaged, coloured, frizzy, unruly, has split ends, is damaged by flat irons, lifeless and just not easy to fix, then your choice is clear.

What kind of hair will you be able to boast of?

  • Perfectly straight and smooth, which dazzles at first glance.
  • The hair of your dreams that will be perfectly straightened, shiny and soft.
  • Exceptionally smooth hair that will make you want to touch it.
  • Your hair colour will be strengthened and protected, and still outstanding.
  • Thanks to its nutritious formula, the hair will be regenerated, well-nourished and once more full of life.
  • You will finally enjoy combing and styling your hair. Everything will go smoothly and easily.

You will be able to enjoy the effects of COCOCHOCO Original for 3 to 4 months, depending on your hair type. With aftercare products, you can maximally support and prolong the effects of application. Entrust further care to COCOCHOCO Original shampoo and conditioner, which will take excellent care of your hair.

COCOCHOCO Pure Brazilian Keratin
for beautiful blondes

The first choice for those of you who are proud of your blonde manes. Whether your hair is naturally blonde or you bleach it regularly. COCOCHOCO Pure keratin care stands out for the highest content of pure keratin in a product on our market.

It takes perfect care of light, very damaged and weakened hair, richly nourishing, deeply regenerating and restoring it. And it makes their blonde hues shine beautifully. The selected formula with natural keratin protein, which is specially created for damaged hair, almost works miracles while you wait. Show the world straight, attractive blonde hair with a beautiful colour.

Ideal for blondes and women with severely damaged hair

The clear choice for all of you who are proud of your naturally light hair, or who regularly bleach your hair to a blonde shade or get highlights. 

If you have severely damaged hair from chemical bleaching and highlighting. Damaged, limp and lifeless Hair. 

The Pure range is also suitable for women with wavy, curly and unruly strands.

What kind of hair will you be able to boast of?

  • Desired straight hair that will be beautifully shiny and soft.
  • Hair with an attractive blonde shade without a yellow undertone, which you will be really proud of.
  • Deeply hydrated and regenerated with a healthy appearance.
  • Hair that is exceptionally fine and so smooth that it will attract attention.
  • Hair for which combing and styling will finally be a joy.

You will be able to enjoy the effects of COCOCHOCO Pure for 3 to 4 months, depending on your hair type. To keep your hair beautifully straight, smooth and with an attractive blonde shade for as long as possible, entrust it to Pure shampoo and conditioner. It will receive royal care and you will maximally support and prolong the effects of the application. 

COCOCHOCO Gold Brazilian Keratin
for lovers of an exceptional shine

If you desire a unique and breath-taking shine, then the COCOCHOCO Gold range is just right for you. Brazilian Keratin Gold is enriched with 24 carat gold. If extra shine is your dream, then your decision is made.

The selected formula containing pure keratin richly nourishes, regenerates and gives the hair a beautiful appearance once more. If you have dark, damaged, dyed, stubborn, difficult to manage hair, in short any type, and you want to dazzle with straightened, soft hair with an extraordinary shine, then you have the right kind of care in your hands.

Ideal for anyone who wants exceptionally shiny hair

The clear choice for all those who dream of extra shiny hair that will become your pride and joy. 

The Gold range is suitable for all hair types. Whether you are a brunette, or a woman with hair that is more or less damaged, dyed, stubborn and difficult to manage. 

The Gold range is also suitable for those of you who are often exposed to the vagaries of the weather and adverse external conditions.

What kind of hair will you be able to boast of?

  • Dream-fulfilling straightened and smooth hair that will be incredibly shiny.
  • Strengthened, deeply nourished, regenerated and with a unique healthy appearance.
  • Hair that will absorb less water into its structure. Blow-drying your hair couldn't be any quicker. It only takes a moment and you will have a beautiful hairstyle.
  • Hair will be protected from the effects of salt water, but also from other effects of unpredictable weather, such as sun rays, rain or frost.
  • Hair will boast of an antistatic effect. With such hair, even the most demanding styling will be quick and easy. 

You will be able to enjoy the effects of COCOCHOCO Gold for 3 to 4 months, depending on your hair type. In order for your hair to be beautifully straight, soft and exceptionally shiny for as long as possible, treat it to aftercare with products from the Gold range. And what else should you entrust this task to than shampoo and conditioner?

Have you already chosen? Great, then we hope you really enjoy the care our products provide. If you now want to explore how COCOCHOCO Brazilian Keratin application works, which you can do from the comfort of your home, then read about the individual steps of this exceptional moment when your dream of straight hair will become your reality, and you will really shine.

We will happily guide you through the world of unique keratin care. Write to us today!