We all know that when the sun is shining, it's important to apply sunscreen. Otherwise, we would burn our skin. But did you know that hair also needs to be protected from the sun's rays? The sun has tremendous power, and not only can it strip your colour from it, but it can also dry out and damage it to the point that its starts to break.

We've all had frizzy hair from the sun at some point. It looks great on holiday, but when you take a closer look at your hair, it's not so much fun. It is often very dry to the touch, the ends are frayed and the hair generally looks dull and lifeless. Especially if the sun's rays are combined with sea water or chlorine.

However, remember how the hair looks every September when you return from your holiday. It is coarser, dry, lacklustre and the colour is dull and unattractive. What can you do about this? First of all, don't underestimate prevention, which won't take you much more time than finding a pair of sunglasses.

How does sunlight damage hair and what can you do about it?

Put Simply, the sun's rays damage your hair’s protein structure. As you know, hair is made up of 95% protein (keratin). And what happens when you break this layer? Hair becomes porous, brittle and loses moisture. If you also combine it with sea salt, which literally turns the sun into a weapon of mass destruction for your hair, you end up with dull frizzy mop. And nobody wants that.

By the way - fine-haired blondes in particular are at greater risk. Brunettes have won nature's hair jackpot in this regard, because their tresses can withstand more sun.


How can you protect your hair in the summer?

Before going out in the sun or jumping into the sea, apply a product with a UV filter to your hair. This is most often a spray or oil. Renew the layer regularly during your stay, as well as using a sunscreen. Bet on the quality of such a product and make sure that it does not make the hair greasy or weigh it down unnecessarily. After all, we all know where cosmetics that do not suit us 100% end up. In cosmetic hell!

It is also an excellent idea to undertake a keratin treatment before the summer and "repair" your hair so that it is in full condition before the sunny days arrive. And treat it to the same healing care in the autumn.


How to prevent colour fading during the summer?

Take care of your hair as much as you can! If your haircut and styling allows, leave the hair dryer, curling iron and flat iron shut away in a drawer.

Check your beauty arsenal and get hold of the gentlest products. To wash your hair, use sulfate-free shampoos (or those with a gentler alternative) that do not dry out your hair. Treat your scalp regularly to a hydrating and nourishing mask. Also, flip through a fashion magazine to see which headwear is most IN this year and get several. And don't laugh! A hat, cap or stylishly tied silk scarf can protect your hair better than the most expensive cosmetics ;-)